The Dominican Republic - a  Caribbean paradise

Photo by Pixabay

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful Caribbean country that belongs to the group of Greater Antilles and is located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea.

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola and occupies approximately two-thirds of it. On its west border is Haiti.

The Dominican Republic has the population of 8.5 million people. Most of the population are mestizos, over 80% of them originate from the mix of natives and Spanish conquerors. The rest of population are about 11% of white settlers and 1% of black people.

The rainy season in the north of the country is starting in the late November and ends at the end of the May while the southern part of the country has a bit more rain falls during the summer months.

It’s raining too often, even out of the rainy season, usually in the afternoons, but that lasts only for 15 – 20 minutes.Temperature differences are small throughout the year. The daily maximum during the summer does not exceed 91 degrees, while the winter temperature is about 77 degrees. The temperature by night is lower by several degrees, and almost never falls below 64.

One of the most striking things in the Dominican Republic, same for tourists and those who decide to stay a bit longer is certainly the nature and all the beauty it offers. The largest part of this really pretty country, about 30.000 square miles are hills and mountains, beautiful landscapes with thick vegetation throughout the whole year. There is also a mountainous peak, Pico Duarte 10 416 feet high.

There are dozen of national parks, and most famous of them is certainly Jarabacoa. At a first glance you get the feeling there is at least 10 palm trees per capita.

The rum is another thing which makes Dominican Republic recognizable in the world. It would be a real pity to visit Caribbean and not to try the rum, the drink made of sugar cane, which plays a big role in Caribbean culture.

For fruit lovers, there is a real abundance of fruits. Papaya, guava, pineapple, coconut, orange, lemon, avocado, are just some of them.

Certainly the most profitable export products are cigarettes. Cigarettes from the Dominican Republic are a real masterpieces, and the skill of making a cigarettes requires a lot of experience which results in a really premium product.

The most famous resort on the east coast, and the generally in the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana, and the most beautiful beach is certainly Bavaro beach. Punta Cana is not really a city, but complex of over 20 high-class hotels, with beautiful beaches full of palm trees and covered with characteristic white sand.

For animal lovers, there is a Manati park nearby. In addition to swimming with dolphins and seals, adventurers have a special service in this park – swimming with a shark.

Nearby Punta Cana, on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic is the largest city and port of Puerto Plata. Close to it is another beautiful tourist city, a complex called Playa Dorado.